How to
Find a Nanny in Boston

From asking friends and family for recommendations to scouring local message and job boards, finding a nanny in Boston can be overwhelming. Add the background and reference checks you need to do to find a quality nanny and the how-to-find a nanny search just went from overwhelming to daunting.

Find a Nanny vs. Find the Right Nanny

To find a nanny that’s right for your family, you need to figure out what you need—and that doesn’t just mean your schedule. How do you want your little one to be cared for and taught? And while it's hard to do right now, try to think beyond the newborn stage. Think about what you want in a nanny when your child goes from sitting to crawling (to running! It happens fast).

Look for early childhood experience

How long have you been caring for children? What age groups have you cared for? What certifications or education do you have?

Knowledge of developmental activities

How might you help my child learn? What activities would you do with a newborn? Infant? Toddler? How will you challenge my baby?

Knows the importance of exploring

How do you spend your days with kids? Do you typically socialize with other nannies in the area? What are your views on socialization at this age?

Find a Nanny in Boston with CozyKin

Finding a nanny in Boston is not easy. Let CozyKin help! We handle the interview and vetting process and continuously hire amazing nannies, which means a great nanny is ready to go when your family needs care. Your family and nanny is fully supported by the CozyKin team at all times. We know it takes a village to raise a little one. At CozyKin, no one goes it alone.

Why Parents Choose CozyKin
The Best of Both Worlds

We provide the personalized care of a nanny and socialization of daycare by matching two local families based on needs and compatibility. Then, you’re paired with a nanny who aced our vetting process, fits your needs, and gets full-time support from our community.

CozyKin Nanny
Meet Jessica

A bubbly caregiver who’s passionate about nurturing little ones. She's worked with infants and toddlers and has a knack for engaging children with the right developmental activities. She loves turning art projects and walks into learning experiences.

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And beyond! We work with families from Allston to Beacon Hill to Melrose and 30 neighborhoods in-between. Schedule a call to find out if we currently offer care in your neighborhood.

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Finding the right childcare should be easy! CozyKin provides incredible Montessori childcare in Boston in the comfort of your own home. And we’re with you every step of the way from signing up to finding your match family to finding the right nanny for you…and then every day after. We’re in this together.

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