How to
Find a Nanny in New York

Finding a nanny in New York is no easy feat. Do you search local job boards or ask friends for recommendations? What questions do you ask to make sure you hire the right nanny? How do you do a background check? It doesn't help that the nanny industry is unregulated without any hiring protocol to help you make the right choice. Overwhelmed yet?

Find the Right Nanny in New York

To find the right nanny in New York, you first need to figure out what’s most important to you when it comes to childcare. To start, try to remove your schedule from the equation and focus on what’s going to matter most important in your little one’s care. There are three main areas you’ll want to focus on and ask the right questions.

The Right Experience

What age groups have you cared for? How long have you been caring for children? What education or certifications do you have?

Education & Development

How will you challenge my baby? How might you help my child learn? What activities would you do with a newborn? Infant? Toddler?

Social Interaction

What would a typical day look like? What are your views on socialization at this age? How would you socialize with other nannies and children in the area?

Find a Nanny in New York with CozyKin

Finding a nanny in New York is not easy. Let CozyKin help! Our Nanny Shares provide the personalized care and convenience of a nanny with the socialization of daycare. First, we match two local families based on needs and compatibility. Then, you’re paired with a nanny who aced our vetting process and fits your needs. Your child gets both personal attention and their very first best friend. Finding a nanny in New York just got a whole lot easier.

Support & Socialization
Meet Your New Village

Families and nannies are supported by the CozyKin team at all times. CozyKin Nannies also have neighborhood circles for regular playdates, creating a community for themselves and the little ones. At CozyKin, no one goes it alone.

A Focus on Early Education
Baby-Led Learning

CozyKin Nannies all have experience caring for infants and toddlers. Plus, they receive continuous training in childhood professional development and on our Montessori-inspired curriculum.

CozyKin in New York City
Find a Nanny in New York

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Find a Nanny in New York

Finding the right childcare should be easy! CozyKin provides incredible Montessori-inspired childcare in New York City in the comfort of your own home. Let us help you find the perfect nanny for your little one!

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